Distribution And Last Mile Fulfillment

RKY Infracom Private Limited offer customized and unique distribution and last mile fulfillment solutions that guarantee total satisfaction, whatever the business need, including, Primary Transportation, Secondary Transportation.

We offer following services for distribution:

You can trust us to efficiently move your goods of any shape and size in any type of vehicle to any were in India- from port to Ware house / Factory / Distribution Centre / CFA, be it a regular truck (9MT), a Taurus (16 MT), LCV, PUV, MCV, HCV.

From ware house to end customer (Last mile delivery), from a Distribution Centre to a Dealer/Franchise, be it a small handset to be delivered on a 2 wheeler or a Tower or DG to be moved for installation at the site on a Truck.

  • Primary Transportation
  • Hoisting Services
  • Installation Services & Maintenance
  • Secondary Transportation
  • Milk-Run Pick-ups & Consolidation
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Express Deliveries
  • Multimodal Solution
  • Projects & Over Dimensional Cargo
  • Last Mile Delivery
  • Movements of Projects for ODC (Odd Dimensional Cargo
  • Transportation of Cargo - Containerized, Palletized or Break-Bulk
  • Fleet Management
  • Inland Transportation

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Highly Professional Staff
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Accurate Testing Processes
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