Supply Chain Management

RKY Infracom Private Limited is a 100% privately owned, Service provider in the Telecommunications sector, delivering turnkey solutions to its clients.
RKY Infracom utilizes seasoned resources, proven processes, and modern distribution centers supported by advanced IT systems to provide an unmatched Supply Chain Management experience.

  • Product Sourcing
  • Materials Management
  • Distribution Center Operations
  • Value Added Services
  • Transportation Management

Many of our customers have discovered that trusting RKY Infracom to manage their complete supply chain makes sense - both economically and strategically. We work intimately with our customers to drive continuous improvement and achieve supply chain management objective. By freeing your organization from both logistical and non-logistical supply chain functions, you are able to focus your time growing your business and providing outstanding service to your customers.

Once you decide to allow RKY Infracom to manage your supply chain, we can help you identify and document your requirements such as order fill rates and delivery expectations. Our Client Solutions organization custom-designs and implements your solution, leveraging our proven approaches that have consistently delivered service enhancements and reduced cost. Upon implementation we provide regular quantitative updates on our performance relative to contractual service levels, making it easy for you to monitor how we are delivering on our promise to execute at a high level of efficiency.

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